👷‍♂️Future Development

The MemeFi team is committed to evolving the game into a multifaceted experience where tactical skills are rewarded. We aim to immerse players in an exciting world with diverse gameplay modes.

One major development path is expanding character abilities, statistics, and gear. Additional heroes and units can be recruited and customized, bringing more depth to squad-building and battles. We also plan to add card game elements, allowing units to execute special abilities, combos, and buffs during PvP clashes.

Another ambition is enabling clan base building with structures providing strategic benefits. Players will also be able to upgrade their characters, armor, and weapons in myriad combinations.

By interweaving these compelling features of role-playing, card games, base building, and combat, we believe MemeFi can offer one of the most varied and engaging gameplay experiences in the GameFi space.

We are only at the beginning of realizing MemeFi's possibilities. The roadmap focuses on incrementally implementing features that add layers of fun and fulfillment for players. Our player-first approach will be crucial as we navigate bringing this virtual world to life.

The MemeFi universe was built to expand in exciting new directions. We can't wait for you to join us on this journey into the future.


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