We're bringing social tech where it's meant to be — gaming.

Our keys allow holders to benefit by investing in players and earning yields from their winnings. There is no cap on the number of keys one can purchase for a player. Prices scale according to a fixed curve, which is possible due to a pool model employed.

Key ownership provides several profit avenues:

  1. Selling keys as their value appreciates based on player performance.

  2. Earning fees from key trading.

  3. Receiving yield — a portion of the player's winnings.

No matter how many keys are issued for a player, they receive a cut of their winnings. It is lucrative for players when their keys are traded, as they earn fees, their keys gain value, and their $PWR balance grows.

This system incentivizes players to excel so their keys remain desirable. Your performance as a player defines the value of your keys, as well as your popularity. The social connections formed between key holders and players create a mutually beneficial ecosystem fueled by shared financial upside.

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