The realm of MemeFi consists of archipelagos dotted across a vast ocean. Islands are connected by bridges or separated by straits, with only the central landmasses and surrounding islands inhabited by meme clans.

At the centre of MemeFi stands the grand Vice City (sometimes referred to as City 17) spanning several central islands. It is so big that it covers more than 7%(!) of MemeFi territory. All roads lead to Vice City, as it is the main hub for trade, commerce, finance and ether-based technologies, as well as art and entertainment. It is the largest population centre too, accomodating half the population of this world.

These settled islands are covered in forests, grassy meadows and rocky shores. Impassable mountains and lava flows mark the extremes. Each island is rich in resources like lumber, coal, steel, gold, Source energy and more. Varying resources lead to advantages in certain weapons, armor and combat strengths per clan location.

Rumors suggest unknown civilizations and deadly threats may lurk on distant islands not yet explored. Navigating the seas to discover new islands could bring glory and riches — or swift downfall. The geography shapes the clans just as their endless wars shape the land.


Immediately after the victory of the god of Ferocity, the first furious war began. The world quickly plunged into chaos, as all memes fought indiscriminately and life ground to a halt. Then Ferocity realized his mistake and granted his subjects reason and intellect.

Though still driven by lunar fury, the now-sentient memes continued to battle but also indulged in moderation, entering into alliances, truces and joining together to form clans. They learned the beauty of trade and commerce. The memes began to improve their skills, armor and weapons through training and development. Eminent heroes emerged to lead ordinary citizens, organizing squadrons and hierarchies. Slowly a modicum of order appeared amidst the warring universe.

Of the many minor clans, 16 major factions crystallized, defined by clear hierarchies and chains of command. The clans were ruled by distinguished heroes who united in leading councils that managed affairs jointly. Clans resolved disputes at the High Council of Meme Lords, though it convened infrequently as most preferred warring over discourse.

Independent clans and characters engaged in trade deals, contracts, and one-time resource exchanges. They also united to form trade guilds pursuing mutual profit. Occasionally, several clans become part of a temporary faction formed to achieve a specific goal.

The inhabitants of the archipelago belonged to different races including Pepe, Doge, Wojak and more. Though clans were typically dominated by one race, they united on the basis of voluntary cooperation rather than origin.

Intellect brought order but proved Ferocity's gravest mistake. Some enlightened memes realized an external force was manipulating them. They decided to unite and destroy Ferocity by harnessing the Source's energy from the Rifts. However, so far these fringe elements remain isolated and excluded from all clans who deem them dangerous radicals threatening the status quo.

Soul Key Trade

The ethereal substance known as ether underpins all connections in the meme universe, allowing memes to take advantage of any opportunity. Early on, some of the greatest sorcerers realized ether could influence meme souls, letting one tap into the success and luck of others.

While harnessing ether's full potential required godly levels of magic expertise, mages uncovered a simpler etheric ability — to siphon the spoils of a meme's quests. By binding ether to a soul, its owner would find less loot and goldcoins while the rest went to the caster.

Anticipating the prospects it could bring, the most powerful sorcerers in all of MemeFi worked tirelessly to solidify and craft gaseous ether into soul keys able to leech others' gains. They sold basic keys cheaply to all memes in MemeFi, binding their souls. Prices were intrinsic to the keys' magic — you could only truly own a key if bought at the exponentially increasing price trend defined by its arcane composition. This lured more memes with the promise of soaring value.

The triumvirate who created soul keys formed the company Soul Finance, taking a cut of all key purchases and sales, with this property hardcoded into the arcane composition of the keys.

This transformed MemeFi, with every meme holding keys and asking Soul Finance for more to sell to others. In the end, memes became not only brainless warring blockheads, but investors and traders.

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