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The MemeFi ecosystem utilizes a series of tokens and virtual currencies to power gameplay, transactions, and the in-game economy.
The native $MEMEFI token is required to deposit funds into the game. Once deposited, $MEMEFI converts to virtual $vMEMEFI for use in purchases, clan creation, loot rewards, and more.
$POWER is a separate virtual token with a stable value used to price in-game actions and items. This ensures stability in the ecosystem despite $MEMEFI price volatility.
Users also gain non-transferable $EXPERIENCE solely by playing the game. $EXPERIENCE determines progression and unlocks new character levels.
The interplay between the main token $MEMEFI, its in-game representation $vMEMEFI, the pricing benchmark $POWER, and experience-tracking $EXPERIENCE sustains the entire MemeFi gaming economy.
Last modified 3mo ago