The core gameplay of MemeFi centers around boss raids and clan raids. These repeatable activities allow players to earn rewards and strengthen their clans.

Boss raids reset daily at 00:00 UTC, with new bosses respawning. Each player can attack one boss per day, with difficulty based on boss power levels — the player expends a certain amount of $PWR equal to their strength, which is subtracted from their $PWR balance. Defeating bosses earns loot for the player's clan, which is divided among members every day based on their contributions.

Clan raids also reset daily at 00:00 UTC, initiated by the clan leader against rival groups. Clan members can join raids in a six hour attack window after initiation. Winning clan raids grants resources taken from the losing clan, who loses power but earns no rewards.

The gameplay focuses on repeatedly raiding bosses and rival clans to accumulate resources and progress clan power. Superior performance in these core activities enables players to advance their clans and develop their characters.

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