Characters are avatars used by players to navigate the world of MemeFi. Upon entering the game, each player creates a unique character that serves as their in-game representation. Characters have a variety of properties and attributes:

  • Level — Influences the amount of token rewards earned. Rises through clan contributions and experience gains

  • PWR — Represents the character's total energy reserve

  • Strength — Represent the amount of $PWR spent in one mission

  • Experience - Gained solely by playing the game. Used to unlock new character levels

As characters gain experience through participation in raids and clan activities, they can be leveled up. This boosts their max strength while also increasing token reward payouts. Higher level characters perform better in gameplay and provide greater benefits.


The player's level determines their max strength, which, in turn, caps their daily rewards at a certain value. Roughly it's possible to estimate a user's max gameplay rewards from their level. However, the notion of max rewards only applies to rewards from completing boss raids.

There are 10 levels in total. Levels are upgraded through XP.

$PWR & Strength

A MemeFi character has the following PWR-related attributes:

  1. Current PWR is the user's $PWR balance that can be spent on in-game activities

  2. A character's strength is the amount of $PWR spent in a clan raid or boss raid to complete the mission

  3. Max strength is the cap on the amount of $PWR that can be spent in one raid independent of your max historical $PWR balance

Stength linearly depends on the user's maximum historical PWR balance i.e. the maximum amount of $PWR the user has ever had on their balance


XP is used to measure the amount of experience a user character has. Experience is earnt by completing missions in the game.

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