Memes are abducted and brought to a parallel MemeFi universe, unknown to humans. This realm is connected to our reality by a mystical Portal that transports new memes into a world defined by courage, cunning, and fury.

MemeFi is a universe of endless conflict between warring clans and factions of memes that viciously fight each other for dominance. The meme warriors Pepe Frogs and Wojaks show no mercy, ruthlessly vanquishing their foes and stealing their resources. For them, life is war and death merely a respite before the next battle.

In the past, the world of MemeFi was cyclical, going through periods of drastic change. Every four thousand years, a new cycle would begin alternating between two epochs:

  • The Solar Epoch represented euphoria, celebration, peace, music and art. It was ruled by the god of Temperance and Pleasure, depicted as a bull.

  • The Lunar Epoch represented eternal war, bloodlust, fury and darkness. It was ruled by the god of Ferocity, who took the form of a bear.

The two gods were once brothers, the descendants of the primordial Source that created the meme world before perishing. After an eternity of joint rule, Ferocity deceived and murdered his brother to seize control of the cycle.

Since then, MemeFi has become an arena where Ferocity-led memes wage endless battle. The memes long for the solar days of old, but remain trapped in lunar war.

At the dawn of MemeFi, the two brother gods banished the rest of the gods from existence. These gods had wanted to fulfill the will of their father, who decreed that his descendants should maintain balance by distributing power based on seniority rather than greed.

But the banished gods were too weak to resist the tricks and deception of the two brothers. From the remains of the banished gods arose the Titans - boss enemies who hate the MemeFi world and wish to destroy it. Yet the Titans also passionately seek material wealth, protecting their own domains.

Bound by divine laws, the Titans dare not openly oppose the will of the ruling gods. All they can do is plunder the resources of memes for their own gain.

Source energy, magic and ether

The primordial Source begot magic, time and gods in this order. All of these have inherited some power from it, that is, they could do anything, but still in a limited way — for ordinary memes, their power was absolute.

Then the Source begot a contradiction — there was more power, much more power in the world that he endowed magic, time and gods with. This power spread in the world, appearing in random places or locked inside caves or underground. Source energy allows to do things you can do more effectively and, in large concentrations, to do thing you could never do.

Magic is the ability to change MemeFi reality in certain ways. It is similar to Source energy, but is easier to control, as it has already been proccessed in creation, while Source energy is pure chaotic raw energy.

Finally, the Source begot ether, a black substance that connects souls, things, places and times, making sure everything sits firmly in its place. It is widely used in travelling, as it reduces it from several hours to minutes. Travellers take a shortcut in the alternative pocket versions of MemeFi locations and roads, where the path takes less time to cover.

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